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How to Order-  Ordering one of our safes is easy.  Place your order online or call us at 951-291-8541 every day for assistance.  We can also accept text messages.  Call with any questions


Installation Information- Gun-safe moving is difficult with the right equipment and downright dangerous without it.  Professional installation is recommended and ensures you will have maximum satisfaction from your purchase and everyone remains safe. 

All prices quoted are for residential addresses within 50 driving miles from our address.

350 Railroad Canyon

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Pickup-  Unfortunately, we don't allow pickup at this time.

Curb/ Garage Drop Off- $299.  Your safe will be dropped off at the curb or in your garage.  It will be left on the pallet with the box and packaging left on. 

Garage Installation- $299.  This is our most popular option.  Your safe will be taken off the pallet and bolted to the floor in your garage.  (Rooms inside of garages count as 1st-floor installations due to the additional labor required.)

1st Floor Installation- $399.  Your safe will be placed in your home or business.  Up to three steps and bolting the safe to the floor are included.

Upstairs Installation- Call for a quote.  We routinely place safes up to 700 lbs upstairs.  


Although we strive for a perfect, damage-free installation, there is no guarantee that the safe will be too heavy for your floor. This is a rare issue, but it should be noted.

Unusually steep driveways, unusually large steps, no paved access, etc. all require more equipment and manpower.  Please be candid about your situation.  We quote based on your access being paved with reasonable access for a full-size truck and trailer.

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